Apart from the Cricket Club, the village boasts a number of regular activities, the main ones of which are shown above. In addition there is an Annual Fete which always takes place on  the first Saturday in July. This includes the usual stalls, such as the white elephant, cakes, books, produce, tombola, lottery, etc, but also has a number of attractions for all members of the family.  In the past these have included pony riding, coconut shy, archery, go cart racing, tug of way and bouncy castle. A band provides background accompaniment and teas are served.  The proceeds of the Fete go to a wide range of village organisations in accordance with the wishes of the villagers. (See also below)
WOMEN’S INSTITUTE This has just recently been put into abeyance for three years. The members do however meet in one of the Inns in the village once a month.  For details ring Mary Parkes 01225723482
OVER 60s THE   HINTON   OVER   60s   CLUB   was   started   in   the   1970's   by   a   Local   Councillor,   Una   Boyden,   then   living   in   Tuggy's   Lane. Volunteers   bought   and   made   the   food   which   was   served   in   the   Village   Hall,   and   much   enjoyed.   It   prospered   for   a   good   number   of years in this fashion, providing a welcome hot meal as well as a point of contact and friendship for older people the locality. When   women   started   to   take   up   paid   jobs   it   became   difficult   to   recruit   enough   volunteers   to   cook   and   serve   the   food,   as   well   as doing   the   essential   washing   .   Other   solutions   had   to   be   found.   The   Landlord   of   the   Rose   and   Crown   was   approached   to   provide   a two-course   meal   for   the   same   price.   This   relieved   the   organisers,   helped   the   pub   to   prosper   and   proved   to   be   a   very   popular monthly venue for a number of years. In   recent   years   the   meeting   place   has   changed   to   The   Stag   where   the   members   meet   at   1215   on   the   third   Wednesday   every month   and   enjoy   a   generous   meal   and   cofmeetfee,   helped   by   the   proceeds   of   a   Raffle. The   club   is   also   grateful   for   donations   from the Fete. Joan   Davison   has   been   at   the   helm   almost   since   the   club's   inception   and   at   96   is   still   ac1215   on   the   tively   involved   and   keen   for   it to   continue   She   has   recently   stepped   down   from   being   Chairman,   which   role   John   Banks   has   taken   on.   In   recognition   of   her outstanding and enthusiastic leadership for all these years Joan has been appointed Chair Emeritus. The   Club   meets   on   the   third   Wednesday   of   each   month   at   1215   for   1230   in   the   Stag   Inn.   It   welcomes   new-comers;   residential   and age qualifications are generously interpreted. Contact Caroline Banks 01225722758 or  Mavis Bennett 01225 722247 Janet Cross.
ANNUAL FETE The various organisations used to hold separate fund raising events, but in 1970 it was agreed to combine these efforts into one and hold it on the Cricket Ground.  The Club fixture list is arranged to keep the first Saturday in July free to accommodate this. The proceeds from the Fete are divided betweent various village organisations in accordance with a percentage which is agreed at the AGM. TThe distribution percentages for 2014 were: The Church (36) The Memorial Hall (26) The Millennium Green (17) The Play Area (7) The Over 60s (7) The PTA (7). FETE 2018 We were blessed with another sunny weekend for the 2018 Fete.  However, England’s unmitigated success in the World Cup meant that the big quarter-final match clashed with our village event.  Hinton’s “Head of TV” rigged up a screen so we were able to watch the win, but unfortunately many had alternative plans so our footfall was down. Nevertheless, it was a great afternoon with the usual fun and games, the dog show, raffle, children’s entertainer and a fabulous spread of tea offerings.  In the evening we had a barn dance, which was fantastic, with both young and old joining in with gusto.  It was disappointing that many from the village were unable to attend this traditional evening celebration, but we hope to do another barn dance next year, probably with BYO picnics, so watch out for adverts. Whilst takings were lower than last year, we still raised around £2,500 for the village organisations.  Thank you to the Committee, those who ran stalls, those who volunteered on the day and everyone who came along and spent their money! The 2019 Fete will take place on Saturday 6th July.      
TENNIS Freshford has a tennis Club with two tennis courts situated about a mile from the High Street  
YOGA   Takes place in the Memorial Hall every Saturday in term time in the winter between 10.00 and 11.30 am. Contact Sara 868001 PILATES  Takes place in the Memorial Hall every Thursday between 9 and 11 am.  Contact Lindsey Lloyd 314020
PLAY GROUP Hinton Charterhouse Babies and Toddlers Group We   meet   each   Wednesday   morning   in   term   time   from   10.30   a.m.   to   12   noon   in   Hinton   Charterhouse   Village   Hall (half   an   hour   later   than   previously)   . We   have   space   and   would   welcome   any   new   babies   and   toddlers   from   the village   or   surrounding   area.The   cost   is   £2.00   per   family   and   includes   refreshments   for   adults   and   snacks   for children. For further details contact:Elizabeth Wordsworth on 01225 722520 or hintonwords@btinternet.com
HISTORY SOCIETY Meetings   are   held   in   the   Freshford   Memorial   Hall   on   the   fourth   Wednesday   of   each   month.         The   hall   is   open from   7.00   pm   and   meetings   begin   at   7.30   pm.   Annual   subscriptions   remain   at   £10.         Visitors   are   very   welcome to attend any of our meetings. Meetings are held in the Freshford Memorial Hall on the fourth Wednesday of each month.  The hall is open from 7.00 pm and meetings begin at 7.30 pm.  The Annual Subscription is £10.  Visitors are very welcome to attend any of our meetings.  There Is easy parking at the hall. Wed 26 Sept:  Bob Parfitt:   The Packhorse Inns of South Stoke Wed 24 Oct:   Dr Don Cameron:    A History of Ballooning in Bristol and up to the Present Day   (Lecture sponsored and part-funded by FLiSCA) Wed 28 Nov:  Prof. Barry Gilbertson:   World Heritage – Its Importance to Bath If you know of anyone who would like to become a member, or would like to cease membership, please contact me on peter.pennyjones@gmail.com or phone me on 01225-723447. If you know of anyone who would like to become a member, or would like to cease membership, please contact me on peter.pennyjones@gmail.com or phone me on 01225-723447.
FRESHFORD & DISTRICT HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY                   Anyone interested in going on the summer outings should contact Penny Jones on 01225723447 or penny@summerdene.fsnet.uk. Annual membership costs £10 per person and the charge to visitors attending meetings is £3.00
Hinton   Art   Group   has   been   in   existence   well   over   ten   years.   We   meet   regularly   on   Thursday   afternoons   from   2   -   4p.m   in Hinton   Charterhouse   Memorial   Hall   with   a   short   break   over   the   Christmas   period   and   around   six   weeks   break   during summer.   Whilst   there   is   no   formal   tuition,   a   programme   for   work   is   set   up   at   the   beginning   of   each   academic   year,   mainly for   inspiration,   and   members   can   choose   if   or   when   to   use   it.   We   learn,   in   the   main,   from   discussion   and   from   each   other but   advice   is   at   hand   if   requested.   Artists   work   in   a   variety   of   media   in   a   friendly   and   relaxed   atmosphere.   All   abilities welcome.   There   is   no   annual   subscription   but   we   contribute   a   small   fee   each   week   in   order   to   cover   the   cost   of   the   room hire.   In   addition   we   have   an   ongoing   exhibition   in   the   Hall   where   members   are   encouraged,   but   not   obliged,   to   display   their work. We have room for more members so why not come along and have a go! For more information ring or e-mail Viv (Jackson) 01225 723578 vivj.norrie@gmail.com ART CLUB EXHIBITION In October the Art club gave an exhibition of their work in the Memorial Hall
BOULES TOURNAMENT see Millennium Green
       PROGRAMME FOR 2018 2 May     PRUNING FRUIT TREES AND USING SURPLUS ORCHARD FOOD     RICHARD PAGET of My Applejuice will give an introduction to pruning fruit trees and     making best use of surpluses in our orchards. 19 May    PLANT SALE 13 June   OUTING: THE OLD FARMHOUSE, Bath BA1 2UT 6.30pm £5.00 (book in advance) 27 June   DOUBLE OUTING: DEWSTOW GARDENS, NP26 5AH 11.00am        £7.00/£6.00 (optional, no booking necessary)   THE BARN HOUSE, Brockweir, NP16 7PH 2.30pm    incl refreshments £7.00 (book in advance) 4 July    OUTING: URCHFONT MANOR GARDEN SP10 4RF 2.30pm   £5.00  (book in advance)        1 September ANNUAL SHOW 3 October   BREAKING THE RULES: CONTAINER GARDENING WITH A TWIST JONATHAN GARRATT, potter and ceramicist, takes a fresh look at container gardening to stimulate us into trying something completely different. 7 November   Roger Turner 'Amaze the Neighbours!   Large and unusual perennials'  Roger was trained as an architect and has written several books on gardening.  He lectures widely, specialising in perennials, garden design and history.  He is a knowledgeable plantsman, active in the Hardy Plant Society, and a founding member of the Gloucestershire group of the National Council for the Conservation of Plants and Gardens 5 December    TWELVE MONTHS OF COLOUR               NEIL LOVESEY of Picket Lane Nursery, S Perrott will offer tips on how to get the best    from your plants throughout the year. 2019         THE BISHOP’S PALACE WELLS - PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE. 9 January JAMES CROSS, Head Gardener.
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