The Church is part of a United Parish with St Perter's Freshford, and St Mary's Limpley Stoke. More information on the Parish is contained on the Parish web site The Church has a seating capacity for about 160 people and is set in a beautiful well maintained churchyard on the outskirts of the village. The tower contains a carillon of three bells There is a space set apart towards the back of the Church for small children to occupy themselves during  the services and for providing refreshments. There is a toilet and good disabled access. The History of this charming church is contained elsewhere in this site. For details of the names on the War Memorial click here OFFICERS  Church Wardens E Wordsworth, K Grattage
Mike and Lindy Taylor
This is an organisation that exists with the objective of bringing together all those in the local community who have an interest in maintaining this ancient Church and wish to help in raising money for this purpose. The Committee that runs it  is a sub- committee to the Main Church Committee and its chariman, Elizabeth Wordsworth, is appointed by it.  The Friend's Committee runs its own programmne of events (see diary of events) and decides how the money raised is to be used.  Any projects proposed must be agreed by the Main Church Committee. On 23 April the local band FIREFLY staged a concert of songs and music that had us dancing in the aisles! On 19th November a coffee morning with Bring and Buy raised upwards of £300 A concert by the Freshford Singers was held in the Church on 9th June                                                                  .
All services are taken by Revd Mike Taylor unles specified otherwise
JUNE Having   enjoyed   the   summery   days   of   the   Easter   weekend, we   now   wait   with   anticipation   for   more   warmthand   sunshine!   I guess   that   is   the   joy   of   living   with   a   temperate   climate!   Easter gave    us    the    opportunity    to    pause    for    a    moment    in    life’s busyness   and   to   reflect   on   a   more   lasting   event   that   changed the future for all time, the death and resurrection of Jesus. In June, we move on from there through the church calendar to Pentecost when at last the 400-yearold prophesy of Joel came true, as the Holy Spirit was poured out on all people, regardless of gender or race. It was an inclusive blessing that became available to anyone who believes and asks. I want to do my part in looking after our world. But you sometimes wonder, ‘What difference can I make in such a big issue worldwide? Having seen local elections take place, now we are electing members of the European Parliament and I think there are many who wonder about this, and I suspect turn out will be fairly low. I guess we all face the very same issue at present and that is an uncertain direction and future for our nation. Many have lost confidence in the ability of our political parties in parliament to work out the second largest issue facing this generation. And many voices are now wondering when we can get on with addressing the largest issue today. That is clearly climate change and the endless need to produce
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WEDDINGS Because   of   its   picturesque   setting   and   good   facilities   the   church   is   a   popular   venue   for   weddings.   The   current   fees   and charges   (2017)   are:   Statutory   fees   £499,   Organist   £115,   Bells   £45,   Pew   candles   £35,   Heating   (if   required)   £55.   These are   reviewed   annually.   Any   enquiries   to   the   Parish   Administrator   01225   720347.   The   nearby   Homeward   Park   Hotel   can provide a vene for receptions.
HINTON BABY & TODDLER GROUP At Hinton Charyerhouse Memoril Hll 10.30 - 12 noon every Wednesday
more and more for us to consume more and more! I occasionally catch up with the programme on TV ‘Our Planet From Space’, which is fascinating and concerning as well. The world is indeed a beautiful place – we must look after it. We live in a beautiful area of the world, which expresses the affluence of life. We all have enough and maybe too much. No matter how careful we try to be, we always have more plastics to recycle than any other products. I am grateful we can put them out for recycling but it is a shame that we are still producing so much. I want to do my part in looking after our world but you sometimes wonder, ‘What difference can I make in such a big issue worldwide?’ In the story of Genesis God presented his creation to the first man and woman – representative of us all – and asked them to take care of and enjoy that creation. Well, the story didn’t progress so well, but it represents what we have done with this precious resource – our inability to make good decisions has left the created world groaning for an end to the devastation of humankind. The Spirit came on the Day of Pentecost, giving birth to the church. We still have a mandate to care for God’s creation as well as to share his love poured out on us to all people. We must keep doing what we can in both of these areas for as long as we can.
Family Focus
Good Friday Cross
Sunday 9th - Pentecost 10.30am St Peter’s Parish Communion Sunday 16th - Trinity Sunday 10.30am St Mary’s Parish Communion 6.00pm St John’s Evening Worship Sunday 23rd - First after Trinity 10.30am St John’s Family Focus 6.00pm St Mary’s Evening Service Sunday 30th - Second after Trinity 10.30am Cafe Church The Old Bakery JULY Sunday 7th July - Third after Trinity 10.30am St John’s Parish Communion 6.00pm St Peter’s Evening Service