The Church is part of a United Parish with St Perter's Freshford, and St Mary's Limpley Stoke. More information on the Parish is contained on the Parish web site The Church has a seating capacity for about 160 people and is set in a beautiful well maintained churchyard on the outskirts of the village. The tower contains a carillon of three bells There is a space set apart towards the back of the Church for small children to occupy themselves during  the services and for providing refreshments. There is a toilet and good disabled access. The History of this charming church is contained elsewhere in this site. OFFICERS  Church Warden E Wordsworth Secretary                      Vacant Treasurer                      Jo Helps
Mike and Lindy Taylor
This is an organisation that exists with the objective of bringing together all those in the local community who have an interest in maintaining this ancient Church and wish to help in raising money for this purpose. The Committee that runs it  is a sub- committee to the Main Church Committee and its chariman, Elizabeth Wordsworth, is appointed by it.  The Friend's Committee runs its own programmne of events (see diary of events) and decides how the money raised is to be used.  Any projects proposed must be agreed by the Main Church Committee. On 23 April the local band FIREFLY staged a concert of songs and music that had us dancing in the aisles! On 19th November a coffee morning with Bring and Buy raised upwards of £300 A concert by the Freshford Singers was held in the Church on 9th June A COFFEE MORNING will be held on 2 December in the Memorial Hall from 1000 to 1200. Come and enjoy a cup of coffee, meet friends & browse the Cake, Bring & Buy & Produce Stalls.                                                                  .
All services are taken by Revd Mike Taylor unles specified otherwise
MARCH Dear   friends,      March   brings   the   change   of   seasons   and   as   you   read   this   the   promise   of   Spring   is   hopefully more   than   just   that.   Though   I   am   told   when   I   was   born   there   was   thick   snow   and   that   was   half   way   through March! This   month’s   Newsletter   will   lead   us   up   neatly   to   Easter   as   Easter   Sunday   is   Sunday   1st April.   There   will   be   changes to   the   magazine   but   this   is   likely   to   be   a   gradual   change   rather   than   a   sudden   change,   we   already   have   a   designer looking   at   how   we   might   make   the   magazine   look   different   and   others   working   on   various   aspects   of   its   production   but we   are   still   so   grateful   to   Nicola   for   keeping   it   going   so   long   for   us.   Just   as   Spring   arrives   and   suddenly   all   things around us begin to change so inevitably change is good for us, though we may not like it or resist it, it is a part of life. Easter   being   early   this   year   means   that   having   just   been   through   Winter   we   suddenly   find   ourselves   thinking   of   the longer   days   and   warmer   weather,   the   planting   and   pruning   of   the   next   season.   In   the   church   we   have   just   quickly managed   to   tuck   in   Lent   into   the   winter   months   and   suddenly   we   are   at   Holy   Week   and   Easter.   I   guess   as   I   write   this   I would   have   to   say   that   for   us   in   the   church   everything   during   the   year   from   the   celebration   of   the   Incarnation (Christmas),   through   Jesus’   Baptism   and   early   life,   onto   the   austere   days   of   Lent   lead   only   to   one   place   and   that   is   the reason   behind   it   all.   The   cross   that   we   carry   and   wear   and   display   in   our   churches   and   maybe   homes   might   as   well be   a   gallows   or   guillotine   as   it   is   an   instrument   of   torture   and   death   but   unlike   the   others   the   cross   is   not   just   the recognition   of   that   but   the   hope   that   it   brings   to   us   because   of   what   was   accomplished   on   the   cross   by   Jesus   2000 years   ago.   We   know   He   lived,   we   know   He   died   on   a   cross   and   we   know   there   were   stories   about   and   empty   tomb but faith fills in the rest. The   cross   for   some   was   a   solution   to   the   problem   of   Jesus   and   the   crowds   he   could   gather,   but   to   us   the   cross   was the   solution   to   sin   and   the   lavish   gift   of   Grace   poured   out   in   Jesus   offering   us   forgiveness   as   he   took   our   penalty. This may   seem   cruel   and   unjust,   which   of   course   it   was.   But   it   was   also   the   solution   to   the   problem   of   our   waywardness and   sin.   ‘Someone   had   to   pay’   we   sometimes   heard   about   crimes   committed,   but   who   is   to   say   my   deliberate   or unintentional   sins   against   others   or   against   God   are   any   less   bad   than   others?   If   sin   is   a   measure   of   anything   less than   doing   the   right   thing   for   a   loving   heavenly   Father   then   it   matters   not   the   scale   it   is   simply   the   sin!   I   needed   a saviour, we need a saviour and in Jesus we have one. So   as   Easter   approaches   come   and   experience   some   of   the   story   through   Holy   Week   (Week   leading   up   to   Easter) and then join the celebration with us in Easter day. We’d love to see you. FEBRUARY Welcome   to   2018   –   I   guess   now   it   feels   that   Christmas   and   New   Year   celebrations   are   a   long   way   off   and   all but   forgotten   as   life   has   returned   to   normal.   As   we   come   into   February   it   would   be   rather   hopeful   to   think   that Spring   is   on   its   way   with   longer   days   and   more   warmth   but   I   am   told   when   I   was   born   in   mid-March   there   were   snow drifts!   Hopefully   not   this   year   though. As   I   write   this,   early   January,   I   have   little   idea   what   the   political   or   world   situation might   be   as   you   read   this   early   February.   It   is   an   ever   changing   picture   that   we   are   shown   by   our   new   media   and through the unpredictability of people and events. By   the   beginning   of   February   we   will   have   managed   to   travel   together   through   the   beginning   of   our   new   format   of services   and   hopefully   with   a   level   of   success   and   satisfaction.   There   is   still   more   to   come   as   Messy   church   has moved   to   the   second   Sunday   of   each   month   at   St   Mary’s   Limpley   Stoke,   the   new   ‘Family   Focus’   on   the   4th   Sunday   is developing   in   St   John’s   church,   Hinton   and   as   eventually   a   5th   Sunday   arrives   we   will   be   able   to   give   ‘Café   church’   a go at the Old Bakery Freshford! Last term, autumn, a group of us went through the Alpha film series together and generally we all enjoyed the new format and got as much as we wanted from the course. One of the benefits of this is just simply meeting together and talking about common themes. It is one of the great strengths of smaller groups that you are able to discuss things that otherwise may not be possible to do so. I would love to run another course but may leave for a while, having said that the entire Alpha film series is on YouTube should you want to look at it. Life is a journey and not a destination and we all are on that journey. Just as international and local affairs are unpredictable so is the direction and construction of our own journeys as at any moment they make take an unexpected detour! The best thing we can do is to not journey alone. We need each other and we need community. In an age where we are all busier than ever and now permanently attached to our ‘smart’ technologies which drive us further from each other in our isolation we must make more of an effort to be part of community together. That is why we, as a parish, are trying to find new ways to encourage different groups to gather in activities that join us together as a journeying community. Come and see what we are doing – service details are elsewhere in this magazine.
St Peter’s Freshford St Mayy’s Limpley Stoke St John’s Hinton Charterhouse Old Bakery   Freshford
The Parish of Freshford, Limpley Stoke and Hinton Charterhouse
Sunday Club At the Old Bakery, Freshford @ 4.00pm 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month Starting after half-term on Sunday 5th March Ages 5-14 All welcome Please email or phone 01225 723570
WEDDINGS Because   of   its   picturesque   setting   and   good   facilities   the   church   is   a   popular   venue   for   weddings.   The   current   fees   and charges   (2017)   are:   Statutory   fees   £466,   Organist   £80,   Bells   £40,   Pew   candles   £30,   Heating   (if   required)   £50.   These   are reviewed   annually.   Any   enquiries   to   the   Parish   Administrator   01225   720347.   The   nearby   Homeward   Park   Hotel   can provide a vene for receptions.
MEN’S BREAKFAST The   next   Men's   Breakfast   will   be   at   8.30   on   4th   November   at   Homeward   Park.   Ian,   the manager   of   Homeward   Park   will   be   sharing   with   us   about   his   own   walk   with   God   and   about being a Christian in the workplace. Price £7.50
HINTON BABY & TODDLER GROUP At Hinton Charyerhouse Memoril Hll 10.30 - 12 noon every Wednesday
Famil Focus Service
4th Sunday Lent 3 10.30am St John’s Parish Communion 11th Sunday Lent 4 10.30am St Peter’s Mothering Sunday Service 18th Sunday Lent 5 10.30am St Mary’s Parish Communion 25th Sunday Holy Week 10.30am St Peter’s Palm Sunday with    Procession and Family   Service 6.00pm St Mary’s Evening Service 26th - 28th Mon - Wed Holy Week 6.00pm St Mary’s Devotional 29th Thursday Holy Week 7.00pm Old Bakery Agape Meal 31st Saturday Easter Saturday 8.00pm St Peter’s Easter Eve Service of Light