The Church is part of a United Parish with St Perter's Freshford, and St Mary's Limpley Stoke. More information on the Parish is contained on the Parish web site The Church has a seating capacity for about 160 people and is set in a beautiful well maintained churchyard on the outskirts of the village. The tower contains a carillon of three bells There is a space set apart towards the back of the Church for small children to occupy themselves during  the services and for providing refreshments. There is a toilet and good disabled access. The History of this charming church is contained elsewhere in this site. For details of the names on the War Memorial click here OFFICERS  Church Wardens E Wordsworth, K Grattage
Mike and Lindy Taylor
This is an organisation that exists with the objective of bringing together all those in the local community who have an interest in maintaining this ancient Church and wish to help in raising money for this purpose. The Committee that runs it  is a sub- committee to the Main Church Committee and its chariman, Elizabeth Wordsworth, is appointed by it.  The Friend's Committee runs its own programmne of events (see diary of events) and decides how the money raised is to be used.  Any projects proposed must be agreed by the Main Church Committee. On 23 April the local band FIREFLY staged a concert of songs and music that had us dancing in the aisles! On 19th November a coffee morning with Bring and Buy raised upwards of £300 A concert by the Freshford Singers was held in the Church on 9th June                                                                  .
All services are taken by Revd Mike Taylor unles specified otherwise
JANUARY I t    seems    odd    to    be    writing    something    for    the    New    Year several   weeks   before   Christmas,   but   such   are   deadlines!   So I   guess   the   question   is   ‘Was   your   Christmas   a   good   one?’. Did    you    have    time    to    celebrate    with    family    or    were    you working   through   much   of   it?   Did   you   over   spend   and   over eat?    Will    January    now    be    filled    with    good    intentions    for 2019?   What   makes   it   strange   to   write   now   is   that   I   am   writing into   the   future   with   no   idea   of   what   I   will   be   doing   let   alone you!   Isn’t   that   part   of   the   worries   of   today?   The   future   is   so uncertain?   What   will   happen   in   March   with   Brexit,   assuming it   is   still   happening,   as   after   I   have   written   this   Parliament   will be   voting   on   the   proposed   Brexit   bill   and   all   our   speculation may    have    given    rise    to    further    uncertainty    or    we    will    be facing   another   referendum   or   even   an   election!   If   so   much hangs,   and   can   so   easily   change,   on   a   debate   and   vote taken   on   one   day   before   Christmas   how   can   we   possibly plan   for   the   future?      I   have   been   increasingly   aware   of   the fragile    nature    of    our    world    and    its    structures    and    more inclined   to   read   my   bible   and   spend   time   with   God   who knows   the   future.   The   prophet   Jeremiah   (29:11)   said   about the   future   11   For   I   know   the   plans   I   have   for   you,”   declares the   Lord,   “plans   to   prosper   you   and   not   to   harm   you,   plans   to give   you   hope   and   a   future.   Not   to   take   something   out   of context   as   this   was   about   the   restoration   of   the   nation   of Israel   after   the   rise   and   fall   of   empires   all   around   them   and their   capture   by   Babylon!   I   think   this   can   also   be   a   timeless message   for   all   who   put   their      trust   in   God   that   he   does   have a   plan   and   purpose   for   us.   We   may   not   know   what   it   is   but   it is   there.   It   involves   putting   our   trust   in   Him   rather   than   in   the world!   That   doesn’t   sound   so   bad   as   you   look   at   the   world   at present.   Maybe   it   is   if   you   do   not   have   faith   in   God;   or   maybe this   is   a   time   to   think   about   whether   or   not   there   might   just be   a   larger   plan   than   the   one   politicians   make   for   us!   What   if there   is   something   supernatural   where   there   are   plans      that not even Parliament knows anything about?
St Peter’s Freshford St Mayy’s Limpley Stoke St John’s Hinton Charterhouse Old Bakery   Freshford
The Parish of Freshford, Limpley Stoke and Hinton Charterhouse
Sunday Club At the Old Bakery, Freshford @ 4.00pm 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month Starting after half-term on Sunday 5th March Ages 5-14 All welcome Please email or phone 01225 723570
WEDDINGS Because   of   its   picturesque   setting   and   good   facilities   the   church   is   a   popular   venue   for   weddings.   The   current   fees   and charges   (2017)   are:   Statutory   fees   £499,   Organist   £115,   Bells   £45,   Pew   candles   £35,   Heating   (if   required)   £55.   These are   reviewed   annually.   Any   enquiries   to   the   Parish   Administrator   01225   720347.   The   nearby   Homeward   Park   Hotel   can provide a vene for receptions.
HINTON BABY & TODDLER GROUP At Hinton Charyerhouse Memoril Hll 10.30 - 12 noon every Wednesday
DECEMBER As   I   sit   in   my   study   writing   this   the   sun   is   shining   after   a   very frosty   start   to   the   day.   The   hour   has   changed   yet   again,   the days   are   getting   shorter   and   winter   is   certainly   on   its   way. But   now   we   enter   December   and   the   start   of   the   mad   rush   to Christmas.   For   many   it   will   mean   a   lot   of   spending,   a   lot   of planning   and   hopefully   time   together   as   families   over   the season. The   very   first   Christmas   was   such   a   contrast   to   ours   today. A quiet    moment    in    a    small    stable,    unnoticed    by    the    crowd gathered    to    register    in    Bethlehem    that    they    were    of    the family     line     of     David.     Bethlehem     was     an     unimportant backwater   except   for   its   illustrious   ancestor.   Yet   it   became the   centre   of   attention   in   this   small   stable   somewhere   behind the   crowds   in   Bethlehem.   The   arrival   of   any   celebrity   or   a royal   –   as   we   saw   recently   –   comes   with   a   great   deal   of planning    and    security    and    it    is    usual    to    specially    invite guests.   I   guess   there   were   only   especially   invited   guests   as the   wise   men   came   at   the   invitation   of   God   in   the   signs   that they   saw   and   interpreted.   The   shepherds   came   because   of the   invitation   of   the   angels,   but   neither   Mary   nor   Joseph   had sent   out   any   invitations.   The   place   was   not   prepared,   no room    had    been    booked,    no    midwife,    no    security    for    the advent   of   God   as   man!   Yet   that   is   our   story   this   and   every Christmas.    God    becomes    man    and    walks,    lives,    heals, ministers,   shows   compassion   and   tells   us   about   the   way back   to   God.   Where   are   the   overspending,   the   fuss,   the   last minute   panic   and   the   family   arguments?   It   was   quiet   and without   pomp   or   seeming   preparation   and   yet   the   event   had been   prophesied   over   500   years   before   with   some   more recent   prophesies   also   explaining   where   this   event   would take place and what it would signify. So   God   ‘came   down’,   one   of   those   extreme   moments   in   time where   the   greatest   came   to   live   among   those   who   looked   to them   for   help   and   healing   and   purpose   –   and   so   few   even noticed.   He   came   for   those   who   had   eyes   to   see   and   a desire   to   meet   with   him.   What   a   mixture   of   these   folk   there were:   the   blind,   the   paralysed,   the   hungry,   thewidowed,   the leper,   the   tax   collector,   the   zealot,   the   fishermen,   the   Roman soldier,   the   synagogue   ruler   and   so   on.   It   sounds   quite   a random   assortment   of   people   yet   it   was   those   who   sought him   and   found   him   as   well   as   those   whose   life   it   was   to   pass on    that    encounter    to    others    such    as    the    disciples.    Many things    have    changed    but    some    have    not!    The    message remains   the   same   and   only   a   few   will   look   for   it   among   the Christmas packaging again this Christmas. Will you look for him? Have a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Sunday 20th - Epiphany 3 10.30am St Mary’s Parish Communion 6.00pm St John’s  Evening Worship Sunday 27th - Epiphany 4 10.30am St John’s Family Focus with Baptism 5.00pm St Mary’s Evening Communion Sunday 3rd February - Epiphany 5 10.30am St John’s Parish Communion 6.00pm St Peter’s Celtic Evening Service
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