The Church is part of a United Parish with St Perter's Freshford, and St Mary's Limpley Stoke. More information on the Parish is contained on the Parish web site The Church has a seating capacity for about 160 people and is set in a beautiful well maintained churchyard on the outskirts of the village. The tower contains a carillon of three bells There is a space set apart towards the back of the Church for small children to occupy themselves during  the services and for providing refreshments. There is a toilet and good disabled access. The History of this charming church is contained elsewhere in this site. OFFICERS  Church Warden E Wordsworth Secretary                      Vacant Treasurer                      Jo Helps
Mike and Lindy Taylor
This is an organisation that exists with the objective of bringing together all those in the local community who have an interest in maintaining this ancient Church and wish to help in raising money for this purpose. The Committee that runs it  is a sub- committee to the Main Church Committee and its chariman, Elizabeth Wordsworth, is appointed by it.  The Friend's Committee runs its own programmne of events (see diary of events) and decides how the money raised is to be used.  Any projects proposed must be agreed by the Main Church Committee. On 23 April the local band FIREFLY staged a concert of songs and music that had us dancing in the aisles! On 19th November a coffee morning with Bring and Buy raised upwards of £300 A concert by the Freshford Singers was held in the Church on 9th June A COFFEE MORNING will be held on 2 December in the Memorial Hall from 1000 to 1200. Come and enjoy a cup of coffee, meet friends & browse the Cake, Bring & Buy & Produce Stalls.                                                                  .
All services are taken by Revd Mike Taylor unles specified otherwise
GodwithUs   is   the   Church   of   England’s   Christmas   statement   this   year   with   associated   images   for   posters   and booklets   to   help   you   work   through   the   season   of   Advent   and   of   the   days   following   Christmas   also.   I   cannot argue with that statement as that is exactly what the world needs to hear. We are not alone! There   are   times   when   we   read   yet   another   report   of   ‘No   progress’   with   Brexit   negotiations,   or   of   another   gun   crime   in America,   or   a   terrorist   driving   a   van   into   a   crowd,   an   earthquake   devastating   a   people   and   a   country. Then   we   are   told of   all   the   scandals   around   from   ‘days   gone   by’   when   it   seemed   to   have   been   a   cultural   norm   to   behave   badly!   An increase   in   Mental   illness   or   at   least   awareness   of   mental   illnesses. You   could   be   forgiven   for   believing   that   there   is   no ultimate   purpose   to   life,   there   is   no   MetaNarrativer   (Big   Story)   and   that   as   a   race   we   are   just   stumbling   around   in   the dark for some sort of direction that works for the majority if not for all. I think every age has had this feeling about it – the problem or advantage of this age is the speed by which we hear and communicate so nothing is hidden for long! And nothing is beyond our reach to know! Into such an age as this! With Roman Occupation covering most of the Mediterranean region, oppressing people groups all around the sea, setting up images and maintaining some sort of imposed ideal by force. Into all this comes a quiet story – that would not even have made the news today – of a young girl visited by an angelic messenger given a message by God, who does really care, about a child who she will bear, the one who would be God with Us and would offer the world a solution. The Romans wanted to count all their ‘subjects’ but how handy it was to the ‘Great’ story that this child would be born in Bethlehem, the city of David, just where the Bible said he would be born. With his adopted Father and his mother now married they went to this tiny city in what is now Palestine. There the child was born, and unnoticed by the majority, in a secluded animal pen Jesus was born. It would have remained unnoticed except the angels witness to the shepherd on a hillside, and the revelation to some scientists in a country far to the East of where they were. So   we   were   not   alone,   somehow   God   had   pulled   off   the   ultimate   infiltration   and   had   enabled   himself   to   be   born   as   a human,   here   among   us,   from   where   he   could   teach,   reveal   and   ultimately   die   that   we   might   have   a   way   back   into   a relationship   with   God   that   makes   the   uncertainty   of   life   fade   away!   Maybe   Christianity   is   still   an   insignificant   group   of people,   who   rarely   make   the   news,   with   whom   God   has   invested   the   message   of   salvation   through   this   one   child   who was #GodwithUs. Come and join our celebrations this Christmas in Church – the world won’t notice but God will. Have a very happy Christmas and a joy filled and purposeful New Year from all at the Rectory.  
St Peter’s Freshford St Mayy’s Limpley Stoke St John’s Hinton Charterhouse Old Bakery   Freshford
The Parish of Freshford, Limpley Stoke and Hinton Charterhouse
Sunday Club At the Old Bakery, Freshford @ 4.00pm 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month Starting after half-term on Sunday 5th March Ages 5-14 All welcome Please email or phone 01225 723570
WEDDINGS Because   of   its   picturesque   setting   and   good   facilities   the   church   is   a   popular   venue   for   weddings.   The   current   fees   and charges   (2017)   are:   Statutory   fees   £466,   Organist   £80,   Bells   £40,   Pew   candles   £30,   Heating   (if   required)   £50.   These   are reviewed   annually.   Any   enquiries   to   the   Parish   Administrator   01225   720347.   The   nearby   Homeward   Park   Hotel   can provide a vene for receptions.
MEN’S BREAKFAST The   next   Men's   Breakfast   will   be   at   8.30   on   4th   November   at   Homeward   Park.   Ian,   the manager   of   Homeward   Park   will   be   sharing   with   us   about   his   own   walk   with   God   and   about being a Christian in the workplace. Price £7.50
HINTON BABY & TODDLER GROUP At Hinton Charyerhouse Memoril Hll 10.30 - 12 noon every Wednesday
12th Sunday 3 Before Advent 9.00am St Mary’s Parish Communion 10.30am St Peter’s Morning Worship 19th Sunday 2 Before Advent 10.30am St Peter’s Parish Communion 6.00pm St Mary’s Evening Service 26th Sunday Sunday Next Before Advent 10.30am St John’s Morning Worship 4.00pm St Mary’s Messy Church @ 4
3rd Sunday Advent 1 10.30am St John’s Parish Communion 6.00pm St Peter’s Advent Carol Service 10th Sunday Advent 2 10.30am St Peter’s Morning Worship 5.00pm St Mary’s Carol Service 15th-17thFriday - Sunday Various The Old Bakery Advent Prayer Space (see individual times) 17th Sunday Advent 3 10.30am St Peter’s Parish Communion 5.00pm St John’s Pop Up Nativity Service 24th Sunday Christmas Eve and Advent 4 10.30am St John’s Parish Communion 4.00pm St Peter’s Family Carol Service with lighting of  Christingles 25th Monday Christmas Day 9.30am St Mary’s Christmas Day Parish Communion 11.00am St Peter’s Christmas Day All Age   Worship 31st Sunday Christmas 1 10.30am St Mary’s Joint service - Parish Communion with Carols