The Church is part of a United Parish with St Perter's Freshford, and St Mary's Limpley Stoke. More information on the Parish is contained on the Parish web site The Church has a seating capacity for about 160 people and is set in a beautiful well maintained churchyard on the outskirts of the village. The tower contains a carillon of three bells There is a space set apart towards the back of the Church for small children to occupy themselves during  the services and for providing refreshments. There is a toilet and good disabled access. The History of this charming church is contained elsewhere in this site. OFFICERS  Church Warden E Wordsworth Secretary                      Vacant Treasurer                      Jo Helps
PARISH LINK WITH ZAMBIA - THE STORY SO FAR   News from Solwezi, Zambia            Bronson Chiofu, who visited us last October with Father Kashimototwo others of the congregation, writes  that they are praying for peace and calm in Burundi. Some members of their congregation come from  Burundi and so have concerns about friends and family.  There is a refugee camp in the parish for  people who had to escape the Rwandan genocide. Those people are now about to be accepted as  Zambian citizens so it seems sad that events once again in the area close to Zambia are looking troubled  once more. Their harvest is over for the year and it is now winter, perhaps not as we know though.  Bronson and others who work shifts at the mines find it cold on the night shift but the days continue to  be warm and sunny.   The parish have been praying for our parish in our time of change and are aware that interviews are  being held. Bronson says that in January every year the Bishop transfers priests from one parish to  another so it sounds as if the parishioners do not have as much choice as we have.
LICENSING SERVICE Mike and Lindy The Rev Mike Taylor wias formally Licensed to serve as our Priest-in-charge by the Bishop of Bath and Wells at a special service on Thursday 17 March 2016 in St Peter’s Church. This was followed by a reception in Freshford Village Memorial Hall. We all warmly welcome them both and their family
For more information on the link with the parish in ZAMBIA click here
This is an organisation that exists with the objective of bringing together all those in the local community who have an interest in maintaining this ancient Church and wish to help in raising money for this purpose. The Committee that runs it  is a sub- committee to the Main Church Committee and its chariman, Elizabeth Wordsworth, is appointed by it.  The Friend's Committee runs its own programmne of events (see diary of events) and decides how the money raised is to be used.  Any projects proposed must be agreed by the Main Church Committee. On 23 April the local band FIREFLY staged a concert of songs and music that had us dancing in the aisles! On 19th November a coffee morning with Bring and Buy raised upwards of £300 A concert by the Freshford Singers was held in the Church on 9th June                                                                  .
All services are taken by Revd Mike Taylor unles specified otherwise
Happy   August   everyone   –   hope   any   time   off   you   have   will   bring   you   great   refreshment   and   that   all   our youngsters enjoy time at home or away from School or University. Now,   as   I   write   this,   Dr   Who   is   a   woman,   Venus   Williams   did   not   win   Wimbledon   and   no   one   really   knows   when,   how, if   Brexit   will   ever   actually   happen!   The   Church   of   England   has   said   us   vicars   no   longer   have   to   wear   long   dresses   on Sunday – good in this summer weather! So much is changing all around us still. I   wonder   how   you   view   holidays?   I   do   hope   it   is   seen   as   a   time   to   relax,   take   stock,   recharge   ready   for   the   next   stage of   life,   which   for   so   many   starts   with   the   new   School   or   University   term.   I   do   hope   that   holiday   is   not   just   viewed   as   a moment   to   relax   in   between   intense   activity,   leading   you   to   feel   more   exhausted   after   the   holiday   than   you   were before.   We   all   need   time   off   but   the   Sabbath   as   recorded   in   the   Bible   and   the   Christian   Sunday   should   be   at   the beginning of the week and not at the end, so we work from rest rather than rest from work. So   much   change   and   yet   year   still   follows   year,   season   follows   season   and   day   follows   night.   There   are   some   things that stay the same. JULY The   summer   months   are   coming   and   I   wonder   what   plans   you   have   to   relax,   get   away   and   recharge   for   the   next   part of   the   year?   If   your   year   is   not   around   University   or   school   term   times   maybe   it   doesn’t   make   such   a   difference,   but   for those   who   live   with   term   times,   July   and   August   are   the   times   we   look   forward   to   holiday.   A   holiday   should   be   a   time for preparation from relaxation but for most of us it is a time to recover from the busyness of work . What   a   strange   few   months   it   has   been   with   the   calling   on   a   snap   General   Election   to   the   frustrations   of   yet   another round   of   political   promises   and   campaigning   to   a   Hung   Parliament.   There   are   probably   not   many   of   us   who   can   be sure   of   the   next   few   month   let   alone   5   years.   How   long   will   the   present   government   keep   going   before   there   is   a leadership   contest   and   maybe   yet   another   election?   Confusing   and   troubled   times   as   we   try   to   make   sense   of   what has   happened.   For   most   of   us,   despite   all   that   is   going   on   nationally   and   internationally,   life   goes   on.   The   kids   still have   School   or   University,   we   still   have   work   to   do   and   day   continues   to   follow   on   from   night.   It   is   only   when something   directly   affects   us   do   we   really   notice.   On   top   of   the   political   uncertainty   of   these   days   is   the   threat   of   terror on   our   streets.   Even   if   that   doesn’t   affect   us   directly   we   often   know   someone   who   is   either   near   where   these   things happen   or   know   someone   who   is.   Even   walking   through   Bath   I   have   noticed   armed   police   officers   and   mounted Police, having not see either before – maybe because I don’t go into Bath often! Just   as   life   goes   on   and   season   follows   season   and   day   night   we   are   still   surrounded   by   uncertainty.   It   is   at   time   like this   I   am   grateful   for   my   faith   that   there   is   someone   bigger   than   all   of   this.   Someone   who   has   a   plan   and   a   purpose   for the   world,   and   us,   that   we   often   don’t   discern   for   ourselves.   Someone   whose   love   for   us   never   changes,   no   matter how   we   mess   everything   up   nationally   or   personally.   Though   many   today   do   not   believe   in   an   ultimate   story   of   which we   are   part   a   ‘Metanarrative’   -   I   do.   I   look   at   the   Bible   and   see   so   much   that   has   already   happened   and   then   again   at things   that   will   yet   happen   and   see   myself   as   part   of   that   story.   I   feel   secure   and   content   no   matter   what   is   happening all   around   me   at   the   time.   My   longing   is   to   help   others   know   the   same   security   despite   the   troubled   times   and   that   is why   I   do   what   I   do.   If   you   get   a   chance   to   find   out   more   please   do   take   it,   even   if   it   turns   out   not   to   be   for   you   give   it   a go.   I   am   hoping   to   run   an Alpha   course   in   the Autumn   –   if   you   live   nearby   and   want   to   see   some   of   what   I   am   talking about come along. Have a great Summer and do relax when you can.
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The Parish of Freshford, Limpley Stoke and Hinton Charterhouse
Sunday Club At the Old Bakery, Freshford @ 4.00pm 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month Starting after half-term on Sunday 5th March Ages 5-14 All welcome Please email or phone 01225 723570
More information on the plans for Children and Families is contained on the Parish Web site  
WEDDINGS Because   of   its   picturesque   setting   and   good   facilities   the   church   is   a   popular   venue   for   weddings.   The   current   fees   and charges   (2017)   are:   Statutory   fees   £466,   Organist   £80,   Bells   £40,   Pew   candles   £30,   Heating   (if   required)   £50.   These   are reviewed   annually.   Any   enquiries   to   the   Parish   Administrator   01225   720347.   The   nearby   Homeward   Park   Hotel   can provide a vene for receptions.
MEN’S BREAKFAST The next Men's Breakfast will be in September
13th Sunday Trinity 9 9.00am St Mary’s, Parish Communion 10.30am St Peter’s, Morning Worship 20th Sunday Trinity 10 10.30am St Peters Parish Communion 6.00pm St Mary’s Evening Service 27th Sunday Trinity 11 10.30am St John’s, Morning Worship