COFFEE AND CHAT The next meeting will be at the home of Di Shelley, Tugg’s at 1030 on Thursday 25th August.
BOULES TOURNAMENT  The tournament for 2022 is cancelled
VILLAGE FETE The Fete in 2022 will not be staged because the Cricket Ground works will not be complete in time.   For further details see Activities
To see a sumary of the results of the survey click here
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A public meeting to discuss the survey and the way ahead took place place in the Memorial hall on Wednesday 9 January 2019
JUBILEE CELEBRATIONS (see photos below) At the AGM of the Millennium Green Committee on 7th April it was decided to hold a village picnic on the Millenium Green on Jubilee Sunday 5 June, partly because it’s easy to organise - you just go there with a picnic and, well… have a picnic - and partly because the last time we did it way back, t was jolly good fun. (Anyone remember that?) Plenty going on in our pubs too: The Rose & Crown has loads of jollities going on over the weekend, including Jubilee Quiz on Friday and live music on the Sunday, while the Stag is doing the usual Saturday and Sunday, as well as being open all day on the Friday. This will be a great  opportunity for us all to get out and labout together as it looks like there won’t be a fête this year, at least not on the cricket pitch (the estate informed us that since construction is continuing it’s still considered a building site so unable to hold the fête there).
The event lived up to all expectations and the weather was kind. On the Millennium Green people enjoyed meeting up and celebrating the occasion
VILLAGE MARKET Another Village market will be held in the Memorial Hall on 3rd December