COFFEE AND CHAT Meetings are in abeyance
BOULES TOURNAMENT  The tournament for 2020 is cancelled
PROPOSED HELICOPTER PAD Hinton House have a planning application in for a helicopter pad. The link for details is elopmentControlApplication.tmplt&basepage=data.aspx&Filter=^refval^='17/06106/FUL' &history=851c6698e1ce42028568c74d4c8ed5ec&SearchLayer=DCApplications SearchLayer=DCApplications The Hinton House helipad application was referred to be heard at the Development Management Committee meeting on the 14th March 2018. The Chair of the Committee stated that "I have studied the application carefully & am aware many issues raised are not necessarily relevant to planning policy however it is clearly controversial with objections registered by both HCPC & FPC.From consultee feedback there is clearly a difference of view between statutory & third party comments & therefore I recommend the application be determined by the DMC" This was referred to the Chair of the Committee because the Planning Officer was was "minded to permit whilst the parish council objected". THE DECISION WAS “PERMIT”
BROADBAND A talk was given by Truespeed in the Memorial Hall in February. If a sufficient number of people sign up to receive the new, much faster, broadband on offer direct to the house, installation in the village will go ahead. For more details see
VILLAGE FETE For details see Activities
To see a sumary of the results of the survey click here
or visit the Parish Council web site
A public meeting to discuss the survey and the way ahead took place place in the Memorial hall on Wednesday 9 January 2019
VILLAGE SHOP AND POST OFFICE At a meeting, held as part of the Parish Council meeting on 21 January, Mr Jacob (the owner of the post office) explained that Royal Mail was planning some reorganisation of the post sorting arrangements in the Bath area and this would require him to shut down the sorting part of his post office duties. This would entail him having to operate his post delivery service from Bath with inevitable time consequences which would take him away from running the shop and post office. The viability of the business would depend to a larger extent on the proceeds from the shop (and post office). It was agreed that this should be widely explained to the village (and other adjacent villages affected) so that representations could be made if appropriate and people should recognise the importance of using the facilities that the shop provides. See also Shop
MILLENNIUM GREEN AGM This will be held in the Memorial Hall on Wednesday 25th March. POSTPONED
CORONAVIRUS SUPPORT GROUPS AND DELIVERIES WHILE SELF-ISOLATING. HINTON HELPERS: Contact Roger Jacobs at Hinton Post Office on 01225 723367 or with orders for food and household goods which he will buy from the cash and carry. Hinton Helpers will collect your order from Roger and you can pay him by BACs transfer, or by cash in an envelope left for your helper. Volunteers will also run errands for you, post letters, or telephone for a chat. Homemade cakes and quiches also on sale at the post office soon. CRICKET CLUB NEW CLUBHOUSE The Cricket Club is planning to have a new Club House. Plans for this have been lodged with BANES and can be viewed here
All group activities in the village are stopped until further notice
The following sections are extracts from the PCC Parish Magazine that is published monthly.
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