THE RIDINGS                                                VOLUNTEER  CAR SCHEME                                                     Charity No:  1049339                                                   ANNUAL REPORT 2016 The Annual General Meeting of the Ridings took place at the Palairet Hall in Norton St Philip on Monday 18 July. Demand for the Ridings services has increased this year, with 340 passenger journeys compared with 253 last year and 2,420 miles travelled, compared with 1,849 last year.  This is partly explained because there were a couple of people who needed to go for many regular medical appointments, but it certainly proves that the Ridings is still very much in demand.  I’m glad to say that both those individuals are now very much better, but we shall still carry on providing the service when it’s needed.  At the moment we have 16 passengers on our books, 9 in Norton St Philip and 7 in Hinton Charterhouse and 17 drivers, with two thirds from Norton and one third from Hinton Charterhouse.  I’m happy to say that the publicity exercise we carried out last year, producing a new leaflet and generally spreading the word, produced several volunteers drivers and we feel in a more comfortable position. It also provided us with a volunteer to take over the Treasurer’s position from Ian Hasell who has held the post for eight years.  Marion Parkin was officially appointed at the AGM.  Ian presented the accounts and they were formally adopted.  He reported that, when he took over in 2008, the charity’s assets were £1,949 and they are now £2,997 which is an increase of 54%, and the Ridings is financially independent.  We are enormously grateful to Ian and Margaret for their many years helping to manage the Ridings.